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Apache Module mod_proxy_wstunnel

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Description:Websockets support module for mod_proxy
Module Identifier:proxy_wstunnel_module
Source File:mod_proxy_wstunnel.c
Compatibility:Available in httpd 2.4.5 and later


This module requires the service of mod_proxy. It provides support for the tunnelling of web socket connections to a backend websockets server. The connection is automatically upgraded to a websocket connection:

HTTP Response

Upgrade: WebSocket
Connection: Upgrade

Proxying requests to a websockets server like echo.websocket.org can be done using the ProxyPass directive:

ProxyPass "/ws2/"  "ws://echo.websocket.org/"
ProxyPass "/wss2/" "wss://echo.websocket.org/"

Load balancing for multiple backends can be achieved using mod_proxy_balancer.


This module provides no directives.

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Available Languages:  en 



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